Kitchen Remodeling

RockAway Company

(817) 875-8207
Rokaway is a financially strong triple A rated business with Dun & Bradstreet that specializes in residential and commercial remodeling. We have completed more than 1000 projects, mostly in Terrant County. We believe in quality work done on a fast pace, with strong communication between ourselves and our customer.
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Ron Houston Renovations

Ron Houston
(817) 465-2744
The challenges of creating, planning, and remodeling a quality home is full of opportunity, but many believe it to be an overwhelming experience. Ron Houston Renovations, a respected and dedicated remodeling contractor, utilizes 34 years of experience in all areas of the building process, from foundations and framing, through the mechanical stage and final custom trim work. We are dedicated craftsmen delivering a high level of quality, detail and management to consistently achieve a home that meets each client's needs while making the process an experience you will want to tell your friends about.
Ron Houston Ron Houston

Sears Home Services

(800) 504-3161
Your choice in a home improvement company is a big decision. As the nation's largest provider of home services, you can count on us as your trusted partner for premium vinyl siding installation. You can choose from a full selection of popular colors and styles that won't scratch, peel, or flake off, making your home's exterior virtually maintenance-free. We bring the showroom to you with solutions to fit any budget and complete turn-key project management for every job. We offer convenient and affordable financing options and our warranties are the best in the business. Trust Sears Home Services for vinyl with a proven record.